Post-honeymoon review of the black MacBook

By popular demand I will write the follow-up on my old post.

To make a long story short: 5 months later I am still in love.

I compile xmms2 and c++ code so much faster, make -j 2 really makes your day on a dual-core system. The overall speed is still great, but I have also understood by talking to other macbook owners that you should put in as much memory as possible. Using less then 1Gb in two sticks seems to be a waste of CPU. This might not be true for other OSes then MacOSX, but I don't know since I never installed anything else.

The glossy screen doesn't really create any visible problems. The widescreen is of course great for movies and I don't really have anything negative to say about the screen in whole.

Some of the things that I have had a problem with, the airport in particular has been corrected with macosx updates. The current version 10.4.8 seems to have fixed all things I have been irritated at. The heat was a issue until recently when they released another update to the firmware and it has gotten a lot better.

The battery-time is about 4 hours which is very ok for a powerful laptop with a big screen like this.

The only negative thing I have noted is a quirky sound when I move the screen, it seems to be related to that the whole thing is in plastic :-) But I don't really mind.

Haven't noted any discoloration or any high-frequent sounds. I take it that the black model doesn't have the same problems as the white one with discoloration, and the sounds might just be me that is deaf, but I can't hear anything that is annoying.

All in all, the macbook is a very fast and nice laptop. It's a tad to big for laptop-on-airplane but otherwise I happily trade the extra size for the nice screen. I have also been blessed and have not encountered any of the "normal" problem for this line. I recommend anyone that want a mac computer to go for the macbook. The only reason I see you would like a pro over a macbook is that you want the better graphics card for games, for everyday use it works just fine.

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