Enjoy another release by the XMMS2 team. This one fixes most critical issues found in DrAlban, except one that was found like a couple of minutes after the release by Anders. Bleh ;) It's an old bug that could lead to a deadlock in the IPC layer, it happens very seldom, so don't be alarmed.

I have not been that much involved in the DrBombay release due to real-life issuse. I am now situated in Santiago de Chile instead of Stockholm. I will live here for a year. This doesn't mean that I have quit worked on XMMS2 just that before I have everything in order over here it's kind of crazy.

Stay tuned for next release of XMMS2 which will be DrCox, we are still debating what should be included and not. Feel like contributing? Join our IRC channel and start the patching.