Metroid Prime: Corrpution

I got my copy of Metroid Prime 3 today. Strange since the release-date for Europe is next week :) Wonder if someone did something funny!


Broken free!

I just jailbroked my ipod. It worked without a problem with the iJailbreak application. The only thing to keep in mind is that when they say "this will take a while" they are not kidding. It takes forever to retrieve and upload the new firmware, just give it some time, it will work. But now I have a working calendar (with input events feature!), mobilemail and google maps. Works just great! Thanks internet to make this available.



Spent the whole week in Berlin, at the BBWF trade-show. It was pretty quiet, but still it hurts your body to stand in the booth for that long. Berlin was nice, actually nicer than I remember, last time I was there (ages ago) it was still a big construction space, now you couldn't see much of that. Otherwise pretty eventless week.

This morning I picked up my iPod touch (yes I am trading the N800 for the iPod Touch, found myself a buyer) and I must say that I am sold. It's too bad that the opensource world has so little success in attracting good graphical designers, the UI of the touch is awesome. Looking forward to hack a bit for it in the future.

Also I pre-ordered the new Mesh DVD, I am such a fan-boy. Hope the material is better than the old Live VHS, it was a ok concert but pretty boring stageshow. This time it looks better, with the back projections and the full band on scene.

Next week I will go to Frankfurt over two days, but nothing else planned for that week. Next weekend is the Apoptygma concert and then my parents arrive for a full week of hanging out. Going to be fun but crowded I guess :-)


Rabia Sorda @ Ritmo y Compas, Madrid

Rabia Sorda is the a project by the singer of Hocico, Erk Aicrag. Comparing the music to Hocico Rabia Sorda is a bit more indie like, clean vocals with real drums and more guitar sounds, but still aggressive and energetic.

The concert was great, Erk had a lot of energy as always and it sounded good. Unfortunately the audience was missing, only 70 something people attending, a shame with the quality of the music.

I had a great time in any way and I look forward to see both Rabia Sorda and Hocico soon again.