Qt4.2 Technology Preview

As many of you might already know, I am a strong Qt4 follower. The latest TP for 4.2 looks very very good. It's funpacked with a lot of new nifty features that I would like to start using in my programs allready :) Here is some of the things I know I can use directly:

* The "clearlooks" theme. This makes Qt4 look like GNOME. This will finaly (hopefully) stop all the whining about how "ugly" Qt4 is.
* GMainLoop integration. Qt4 programs can now share mainloop with Gtk Programs, great for interoperbillity.
* QCompleter. A completion framework that can make your applications complete the text input.
* QFileSystemWatcher. Wrapper around KQueue, Inotify and friends, since gamin suck nuts I really want this.
* Also the possibility to customize your widgets with CSS like syntax.

I will probably start using a lot of these features whenever PyQt is available for 4.2.



Just after I released DrEvil I found this nifty little program included in XCode called MallocDebug. I thought, hey, let's take it for a ride on XMMS2. Man what a ride. In under 20 minutes I found four memory leaks that has been eluding me for a long time. I just love Apple when they do things as right as this. The program seems to work with libc in OSX to track allocations and then show it to you in a not-so-intuitive GUI, but when you finaly learn how to use it, it's great. You can sort the leaks on counts or used memory which makes it easy to understand if it's really a leak or just a one time problem. To bad I discovered it 20 minutes after a release :-)


Black MacBook

So I got myself a black MacBook and considering all the negative press this piece of equipment has gotten lately I got a bit worried after I ordered it. Now I have had it for a couple of days and I just wanted to share what I found out.

Yes it does get hot, no it doesn't get hotter then my PowerBook 12" that I had before. Dunno why people are whining about that.

It's SOOO fast. This computer out-preforms most laptops I have owned, ever. I really like how my macosx is all snappy and fun again!

Glossy screen
I like it! It gives nice colors, good viewing angels and it's really nice when I look at movies. Widescreen is a big plus too :)

Yes the black makes it more sexy, I promise :-) Keyboard is as good as on my Powerbook, no problems here.

I am happy with this computer, I will get back to more information when the honeymoon phase is over, but I dooooo like it. No outstanding problems for now.