Dollhouse - redux

Episode 2 was a lot better! Actually, I suspect that this was the episode that they where aiming for showing as the Pilot from the beginning. It explains a lot of the backstory and is less "ordinary" than the first episode. I just miss the trademarked whedon humor, please give!


XMMS2 vision

Following up on my post from FOSDEM I have now started the process together with the XMMS2 community to define our Vision. We are working on getting a version of this vision that everyone feels ok with. You can see our work (and chip in if you want) at the following wiki page.


First episode of the much talked about Dollhouse was aired the other day. I got my hand on a digital copy and I watched it with a lot of anticipation. Aaaand it didn't let me down completely, but it didn't wow me either.. I like the concept, it's pure close-future sci/fi with the whole download/upload of memory concept well in place, Elizas performance was solid, but still something was missing. I am not giving up on this yet, I have faith in you Joss Weadon! But I hope we will see more weadon-esque humor and cleaver twists in the coming episodes.


First vision, then hack.

I am currently sitting in one of the Hacker Rooms at FOSDEM in Brussels. I have spent my last two days together with a great group of XMMS2 developers, just as last year. I really enjoy these events where you have the possibility to actually meet the people you spend a lot of your spare time with.

The discussions this year was very different than last years topics. This year people was more concerned about how to organize the distributed team and work on the "right stuff". I find it pretty funny since this is just the things I have started to do at Purple Scout recently.

I have decided to give it a go for the XMMS2 community as well. I am sure that I can leverage on some of the things I have learned recently, but I also know that it will be very different since the developers of the XMMS2 community are not working on XMMS2, just doing it for the kicks (and possibly the chicks, but I think that is just a big misunderstanding).

One of the talks that inspired the discussion was Bdale Garbee's keynote about the Debian community. He said that you shouldn't underestimate the values of values. Basically you'll need to share common values and goals within a community in order to get everyone aligned. Debian has a Social Contract that outlines the vision for the Debian project.

My plan is to establish a similar document for the XMMS2 project. It will be a document that is created by the community for the community and will hopefully allow us to align better towards the ultimate world domination goal.

After this document is done I will move on and establishing our "Code of Conduct" or "Development Guidelines", this document will outline how we work together as a group and what processes we follow.

So the current plan for world domination is:

  1. Establish the XMMS2 vision document
  2. Establish the XMMS2 code of conduct document
  3. Get everyone super-hyped about XMMS2 development
  4. Hack!
  5. ????
  6. World Domination! (Or at least 'Ready to amaRock').