Open Audio Summit?

The idea crossed my mind when I saw this: http://2007.oscms-summit.org/

Wouldn't it be cool to invite all open source audio related projects and people and organize a OpenAudio summit? I think a lot of things could be gained from that. Like interoperability and idea sharing. I am willing to help organize to do this. What do you other projects think? Also we should locate a good sponsor to be able to do it.


XMMS2: State of the Union

I haven't really posted here as much as I should. I just wanted to quickly update the current status of XMMS2.

XMMS2 DrJekyll pre-testing:
DrJekyll is the next developer-release. We should start pre-testing this week. Jekyll contains tons of cool goodies. Most notable is the additions of Collections. You should all look into porting your clients to this concept since we are going to deprecate the API for touching SQL directly.

Google: Summer of Code:
We have decided to apply for summer of code once more. Hopefully we will be picked and we can accept a few student this year also. You can visit our project ideas page and give some insights on what you want to see in XMMS2.

Graphic contest:
We have a strong need for a graphic profile in XMMS2 so we are going to spend some SOC money from last year on announcing a contest that will bring us (hopefully) a logotype and a nice wiki design. This project will probably be launched within a few weeks. Look at this spot later on.