Qt4.2 Technology Preview

As many of you might already know, I am a strong Qt4 follower. The latest TP for 4.2 looks very very good. It's funpacked with a lot of new nifty features that I would like to start using in my programs allready :) Here is some of the things I know I can use directly:

* The "clearlooks" theme. This makes Qt4 look like GNOME. This will finaly (hopefully) stop all the whining about how "ugly" Qt4 is.
* GMainLoop integration. Qt4 programs can now share mainloop with Gtk Programs, great for interoperbillity.
* QCompleter. A completion framework that can make your applications complete the text input.
* QFileSystemWatcher. Wrapper around KQueue, Inotify and friends, since gamin suck nuts I really want this.
* Also the possibility to customize your widgets with CSS like syntax.

I will probably start using a lot of these features whenever PyQt is available for 4.2.

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