More from Mountain View #1 - Summer of Social Integration?

One thing that really struck me when I was at the mentor summit in Mountain View was that Summer of Code is really more about social integration and contact making than I ever imagined. When I carried out the project within XMMS2 I saw it as a way to get cool features incorporated into XMMS2 and some kick-ass code. After spending some time with other mentors (and former students) I realized how this is only half the truth.

GSoC is really about bringing bright people and coders that have not been exposed to open source into our communities, this is where the long time benefit is getting realized. If we get some new non-FLOSS coders into our little group and can keep them there we have the real benefit of the program.

For my part I will surely look at the students in a very different perspective next year.

I would like to say that GSoC is 70% about social integration and 30% of code. Maybe it's time to rename it to Summer of Social Integration?

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