More mDNS madness, this time Qt4.

Ok, so after my last post about mDNS I haven't touched it since the API really put me off. But wanting a sexy mDNS browser in my newly founded Qt4 client I took a bite in the bad Apple and started to write a C++ wrapper class for mDNS (bonjour). After reliving all the madness of before I managed to do a pretty neat class. It works just fine on MacOSX (where bonjour is default), Linux (with avahi-dnssd-compat) and probably Windows too (if you download and install the lib from Apple).

If you ever need the code, go here: implementation and header.

Here is the result: Esperanza server browser window.

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VxJasonxV said...

It unfortunately appears not to work on Windows.
I have the utility from Apple, and I even have the MDNSResponder process installed and running courtesy of Gizmo Project.

That being said, Esperanza already had my XMMS_PATH on Linux, Bonjour picked it up on Mac, but I had to manually add it on Windows.

Hit me up on IRC if you wanna work this out any better.