TurboGears + XMMS2 == Love

Merry Christmas everyone!

I have been at my parents place for a couple of days now. Since it's in a small town and I don't have any friends here I have been hacking a bit on XMMS2 related things. I have started a webclient that currently is called "turbox2", but since that name is corny it will probably be changed.

It uses TurboGears, a rapid webframework written in Python. It also have a lot of buzzwords! Like AJAX, DOM, web2.0 and so on ;)

It has been progressing quite quickly since a lot of people has been waiting for a client like this. Help has come from both DraX and nano.

Turbox2 is not ready for deployment quite yet, but it looks pretty. Stay tuned and have a good holliday!

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Anonymous said...

omg. what was still called oink back in 2005. :D