News from post-Alban

News from the front.

Debian-PPC deb's uploaded
I uploaded debian-ppc deb's to our debian repo today. They are not well tested, so if you running debian-ppc, please go ahead.

Will be released in next week probably. A number of critical fixes has gone into our trees.

The new major release has started to get code, tilman is working on the mixerapi and I am going to start with the playlist updates soonish. Expect more about this later.

My webclient has more or less been drax project for the last week. It seems to get closer to a first version. Probably after DrBombay.

New intro clip.
Yesterday I commited a patch that changes the intro song. We where donated a clip by Mind.In.A.Box, excelent!

Also the In Flames live album (In Live We Trust) is brilliant. kthnxbye.

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