Open Source Community Eduaction

Purple Scout was contracted to do a Open Source Education a while back. The customer wanted a education that gave them the history, business and legal aspects, but they also wanted a section with some "real life" stories, from someone that have worked in a Open Source community already. While both my bosses handled the business and legal aspects I tackled the community section.

After almost a month of preparation, we held the pilot in front of a smaller group today. I was a bit nervous at the start but managed to hold a very engaging talk about the different inner workings of a community and a generalization of what drives open source hackers. It was a fun and interactive group that I managed to provoke a couple of times :-)

I would love to share the slides I did, but unfortunately they contain some information that I can't spread, therefore I will try to blog a bit about the conclusions that I managed to draw from all of this.

Also a question: What do you people think is the driving factor for participating in open source communities as a company, i.e. not for you personally, but what would drive your company to work with open source?

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