Long overdue post

2008 was a crazy year...

This is the reason I haven't been posting stuff to my blog that often. I really hope that I can get back into it during 2009. So much of my creativity was lost into my day job, so much of the fun was stripped away. This is why I have resigned from my post at Procera Networks.

From the 12th of January I will start my new job at Purple Scout. I have been hired to structure their newly founded development group, to create processes and infrastructure for in-house development projects.

Purple Scout is a workplace where I think I can find my creativity again. Hopefully this will mark my return to open source and XMMS2, which I miss so much. In light of my new position I will also try to blog a bit more about driving a development team and development processes which has been inspired by both GTD and my work with the XMMS2 community.

Also watch out for more blog posts about this years best music and books later on.

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theefer said...

Cool! Hope to see more of you around in the xmms2 sphere! Looking forward to your "best of music" and comparing it with mine ;-)