First day at FOSDEM


I am at the FOSDEM now together with 9 other XMMS2 devels and a lot of other people. In place here we have: Me, Daniel "nano" Svensson, Anders "anders" Waldenborg, Tilman "tilman" Saurbeck, Sebastien "theefer" Cevey, Florian "rafl" Ragwitz, Erik "nesciens" Massop, Auke "auke" Schrijnen, Sebastian "wose" Woetzel and Sebastian "wallunit" Noack.

Yesterday was the beer event at Delirium Cafe in the center of Brussels. It was very fun and most of us got a bit too drunk :-) Before this we had the time to talk about some XMMS2 issues and status in the hotel lobby. This was our conclusions:
  • Next version DrLecter will contain: airplay, visulizations and we will try to get TEST1 out this weekend.
  • Next version will not contain: result/value split, service clients, xmms_value_t unification or a cool GUI
  • Version DrM? will contain the above changes and will break the client API pretty bad.
  • Lengthy discussion about S4 and GenIPC also occured.
I will blog about each change a bit more in depth later. I will also try to be more communicative with our public from this point on. I will try to resurrect our news letter and publish more posts about improvments in XMMS2. I encourage you all to the same.

So far the trip here has been very very productive and it's fun to meet everyone that you talk with on a daily basis.

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fnord said...

The only name possible is of course DrMabuse!