Ok, I am a QZealot

After I have been playing around with Hildon / Maemo a couple of days, trying to make a PyMaemo client for XMMS2 I have a really bad headache. GTK feels soo different from Qt and frankly I couldn't loath the API any more. I have decided to scrap that effort, right now I want to see what it would take to be able to use Qt properly under Maemo. I searched the internet for good advice but it seems like all the efforts to make Qt work well under Maemo has been very scattered and disorganized. I have created a wiki page and try to collect information about how to "port" Qt4 to Maemo. If you have any information I lack please head over to the wiki and help me out!

On another note I am thinking about going to the Trolltech Dev Days in Germany the 16-17th of October. Come buy me a beer ;-)

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unique0nez said...

shows how to compile QT for the 770 to run cumulus.