XMMS2 DrJekyll, Esperanza 0.3.0 and more.

Today I uploaded the final of XMMS2 DrJekyll and 0.3.0 of Esperanza.

There is a lot of changes in both. Noteworthy changes for XMMS2 includes:
  • Collections. After almost a year in development (it was last years SoC) the API is pretty stable and very usable. I was amazed how much you could do with it when I started to convert Esperanza to it.
  • Playlist plugins are available again. Lot of people have asked for that.
  • WAF. We switched build system from SCons to WAF and it has helped us a lot (also created new wondrous problems).
The noteworthy changes for Esperanza is the following:
  • Medialib browser.
  • Collections API conversion.
  • Stream browser.
  • Lot of stability changes
Now I will probably go a bit silent within XMMS2 for a while since I am going to the WGT festival in Leipzig, Germany (drop by and buy me a beer!) and after that to San Francisco (drop by and buy me a glass of wine!). Hopefully this summer will give me some time to make some internal changes in Esperanza.

Enjoy the releases!

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