Summer of Code and Dr. Evil Testing.

I am mentoring two Summer of Code projects. Since we are still very early on I can't say anything about the progress, but I can comment on the projects.

TurboX2 - By DraX, is a webbased AJAX client. My aim for the end of the summer is to have my girlfriend use and like turbox2. :-) Since she is going to live with me I must have her stop using Windows Media Player for her own small speakers.... So the idea is that she is going to use TurboX2 that is running on my Mac Mini. Right now I am experiencing some really wierd preformance problems that DraX can't reproduce. I hope we will solve this pretty soon.

DAAP support
- by Cole Thompson. DAAP is the protocol that iTunes use to exchange music between two instances of iTunes, so that you can stream and play your friends music (if he allows you too). Adding this to XMMS2 would be cool since you will be able to share music with iTunes user and also with other XMMS2 users.

I have a good feeling about both my students and I hope to be able to update on their progress after the 8th of June when we have our first checkpoint.

Oh, and the first Release Canidate of Dr. Evil is out there now. I think you will find it a even better and cooler version of XMMS2. Please give it a try and donate test data.

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